Thursday, September 15, 2016

DriWashed Z3 and Hi-Boy

Becky F is one of our customers from the great state of Nebraska.  She has two beautiful BLACK cars, a BMW Z3 and a classic hot-rod Ford Hi-Boy.  Becky says:
I have used DriWash for at least 10 years on both of these cars.  My Z3 is a 2001 that I bought new.  I knew I would have it a long time and have always taken the best care of it.  I have recommended DriWash to many people because it will remove water spots, bird droppings, tar, tree sap, etc. without leaving scratch marks.  It is very easy to use too.  Nebraska summers are hot and sunny and hard on car paint but the car still looks great.  The Hi-Boy has been cleaned with DriWash for the 10 years that we have had it.  I won't use anything else.
A customer that's been using DriWash for nearly as long as DriWash Solutions has been selling it.

Becky's BMW Z3
Ford Hi-Boy

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