Tuesday, May 09, 2017

DriWash Solutions is quoted on FitSmallBusiness

(Ithaca, NY May, 9 2017)  DWG International, the manufacturer of DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R), typically sells the product to its distributors by the bottle.  If a distributor then sells just the bottle, the customer is then required to determine what else they need to gather in order to use the product on their car.  At DriWashSolutions, we bundle the product with the towels required, which makes the process simpler for the end user...
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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Side Hustle School Features DriWash Solutions


Like to listen to Podcasts?  DriWash Solutions was featured on a Side Hustle School, a site focused on those folks who work at their own business, while maintaining a day job.  Check out the podcast on DriWashSolutions and download others to see what others are doing in their side hustles.