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FW: Welcome To DWG

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DWG Tools Welcome: )
DWG International™ Distributor Resources March 2007
  • Product
  • Personal Webpage
  • Survey

  • DWG Distributor

    As a member of the DWG International™ family, you should be aware of the many resources DWG has made available to its Distributors.

    Take a moment to explore the following resources that are available to help you become a successful DWG International™ Distributor.


    Whether you're from the United States or Canada, ordering DWG product online is quick and easy. Keep a supply of product handy wherever you go, whenever you go.

  • Place a order now
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  • is your source for the tools that every DWG distributor needs to begin building a successful organization.

    Start off with everything you need to get started with one of these High Profile Packages:

    Other Tools Include:
  • Apparel
  • Bookstore
  • Business Cards
  • High Profile Table

  • Signage
  • DWG Prospecting
  • Brite Tag
  • Personal Webpage

    If you are ready to build your business faster and easier, then order your very own personalized DWG web site today! These sites allow prospects to learn about the business and products 24/7, sign up as a distributor and even order products online. And when this happens, you automatically get the credit.

    The DWG personal web sites are easy to use and can be customized in a few simple steps. You have the ability to add text, choose background music, insert personal photos as well as select from a library of photos to be displayed on your page.

    Plus, here are the latest updates available to new and existing site owners:

  • NEW! Photos on Templates
  • NEW! Online Address Book
  • NEW! Online Calendar
  • NEW! Detailer Template
  • NEW! Flash Presentation
  • Custom DWG Email Address
  • Month to Month Billing

    Need More Info....

    Start including your personal web address with all your prospecting efforts today!

  • Survey

    At DWG, We are always interested in feedback from our Distributors in the field. We have developed this quick survey to help us learn more about you and your business.

    Please help us help you by completing this short survey
    Click here to take the survey...

    Thank you for your interest in DWG! We look forward to your success!!

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