Monday, April 09, 2012

My AIRoSol Pump bottle stopped working. Can you help?

Answer: There are several things you can try to get the pump bottle working again.

  1. Be sure that you've not overfilled the bottle with product.
    Correct fill level should be 75% product, 25% air.
    Do not Overfill!
    Not allowing a significant amount of air into the bottle will not allow it to pressurize fully and completely.

  2. Be sure you've pressurized the bottle by using its cap to pump air into the bottle.
    Using cap, pump 10-15 times or until significant resistance is felt.
    Do not Overpressurize!
    Make sure the long white piston is not damaged.
    The very bottom of the piston seal should be continuous, with no rips or tears.

  3. Be sure the bottle is holding pressure.
    Unscrew the collar after pumping 10 times.
    You should hear a pressure release from the bottle, which sounds like "Shhhhhh".
    If you do not hear the release of pressure, be sure the rubber gasket is not missing or damaged between the bottle and the white spray head.

  4. Be sure the spray nozzle is not clogged.
    Remove the white spray head assembly from the bottle, and submerse in HOT water for approximately 30 minutes.
    Fill the bottle with HOT water, pressurize, and attempt to spray the HOT water.
    Spray until an uninterrupted and uniformly round spray pattern is achieved.
    Once cleared, alllow the bottle to completely dry - usually overnight.
    To prevent clogging in the future, always clear the nozzle of product after each use. Clear the nozzle by holding it upside down, and spraying until all product has been released, and only air is emitted from the nozzle.

  5. Be sure nozzle is not completely bottomed against spray head.
    There should be a small amount of clearance/movement in the tip of the spray nozzle and the head.
    If the nozzle will not move at all, use a small regular screwdriver to pry up the nozzle from the spray head.

  6. If none of these tips and trick seem to work, please call Distributor Services, at 702.262.5555 and explain the issue.