Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Log In to the BackOffice

To log on to the DWG BackOffice Support Area simply go to the DWG home page at and then click on the link to the left marked, “Distributor Log In”.

This will open up a new box that will contain two smaller boxes asking for specific information. In the first box it asks for your pin simply type in your personal distributor pin number which was assigned to you when you became a DWG distributor.

In the second box it asks for PASSWORD. When you signed up as a distributor you were required to either give your social security number, federal tax number (if you signed up as a business) or your social insurance number (if you are a Canadian distributor)...that is the number that you type in where it asks for PASSWORD then click on the word “SUBMIT” just below the boxes*.

Depending on the speed of your computer you will then gain access to all that great distributor information that will assist you in growing your DWG business.

If your renewal is past due another box will appear telling you “Time to Renew Your Distributorship”. It will also tell you your renewal date as well as how many days past due that you are. You will also find a link stating; “Renew Now – Click Here”. By clicking on that link it will take you to a place you may renew online. Within 24 hours of renewing your distributorship you will once again have immediate access to the BackOffice Support Area.

*You may want to make a copy of this for future reference or to be able to forward copies to your downline that are not on the Global Email mailing list.

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