Monday, November 10, 2008

Makin' Money

Solutions Group Team Members:
Here's the first installment of Makin' Money tips.  I have a challenge for you: Why not purchase a case of the Ultra-Ion or Classic, and keep it in your car.  Then, the next time you fill up with gas, use the tip below submitted by Ken to sell a bottle.  Hey - you're all distributors, and selling is easy when you have the "salesman in a bottle"
On November 6th we announced a brand new “club” and asked all DWG distributors to participate. The object of this club is to show that as long as you have DWG products you always have a way to earn additional income on a daily basis regardless of whether it is $25.00 or $2500.00.
To become a participant of this club all you have to do is send a testimonial to DWG on how you earned money with our products by one of four different methods…Detailing, Retailing, Wholesaling or Networking. You may send these via email to, fax to (702) 262-5550 mail them to DWG International, Att: Allen Dunn, 8950 W. Tropicana Avenue, Suite 3, Las Vegas, NV 89147.
At the end of each month the names of the participating distributors for that time period, (26th of the month to the following 25th) will be placed in a drawing drum and two distributors will receive a FREE GIFT from the corporate office. Thank you to those that have already sent some in and we look forward to many more great ideas and testimonials…
Eric Oot
QS Director
Kirkville, New York
Recently I painted a remodeled kitchen for a customer. Not only did she remodel everything but she had brand new Black appliances installed. This gave me the perfect opportunity to demo our Home product for her. After showing her a 30-second demo on her new stove and microwave, she was very impressed with the shine and protection that it left.
I then asked her if she had ever washed her car without water! We proceeded to go outside and I did a demo with the DWG ULTRA-ION on her red Ford...again she was very impressed! This customer purchased one bottle of the Home Product and an ULTRA-ION kit (1-16oz. Btl./1-Pumper/1-Terry Cloth Towel/1-Micro-Fiber Towel) for $50.00! She also indicated that she will be ordering more of the Home and ION products. What a great day! 

Ken Rodd
Austin, Texas

Each time I fuel up my truck I put the “pump” on automatic and then begin Squirtin’ the Dirt. It is very common for people at the other pumps to come over and ask what I am doing and how does the product work.  It is a great way to open doors for product sales and referrals. How often do you have to fill your vehicle up? Try this one out the next time you do. 

John C. Skurka

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