Friday, August 10, 2007

DWG International Bonus Pool

Solutions Group Distributors:

Did you know that DWG International(TM) gives away FREE MONEY each and every month? The bonus pool is one of the perks of being a Director. Any purchases that you make, distributors you sign up, or any other activity that adds to your PGRV (Personal Group Retail Volume) qualifies you for the Bonus Pool.

This past month, DWG offered a free shipping option on orders over 4 cases. I took advantage of that promotion, and guess what? DWG awarded me 3rd place in the Bonus Pool. That means that my PGRV was the third highest of ALL Directors during the month of July.

What did that get me? It got me a cool $900.00. That's right nine-hundred dollars (that wasn't a typo).

Found out more about the monthly Bonus Pool by visiting the DWG International(TM) site:

Your Upline Sponsor,

John C. Skurka
DriWash Solutions