Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brand New DriWash Solutions E-Commerce Store

DriWash Solutions is excited to announce our brand new store on Shopify!  Since 2003, we've run our own store using OS Commerce, and have been contemplating our next move.  Shopify is it!

Shipping charges are now available before you begin checkout or even add an item to your cart.  We realize that shipping is a very important part of your decision on where to purchase, and we've lowered our shipping cost by utilizing the USPS when we can.

As with our original store, the entire DWG line is 10% off suggested retail, and bundles and cases are 15% off.  Payments are accepted by credit card, PayPal, and Amazon Payments.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Two New Canadian Distributor Websites

DriWash Solutions is excited to announce that we have two new distributors north of the border who are ready to ship products to our CANADIAN customers.  These distributors are stocking all of the waterless car wash products, and one is carrying the entire DWG line.

These distributor sites are using PayPal as their payment solution, so it's easier than ever to get products up North!  The sites are also mobile friendly!

Visit www.driwashnorth.com and www.driwashalberta.com for more information.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

thePUMPER Airosol Pump Bottle - Exclusively from DriWash Solutions!


As mentioned in a earlier post, We've acquired a large quantity of Airosol Pump bottles that were in storage for several years.  These bottles are produced by the same manufacturer as the original DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) pump, the only difference being the color:  As shown below, thePUMPER has a white cap and base, and is labeled by DriWash Solutions.  The all other parts are identical, as is the spray pattern.  The are available with the 32oz Classic, Ultra-Ion, and as a Two Car Bundle with a 64oz Classic.  All these can be found on www.driwashsolutions.com.  If you want to purchase the thePUMPER by itself - go to www.thePUMPER.co where you can buy as many as you want, and pay a flat rate of $5.05 for USPS shipping.

thePUMPER from www.thePUMPER.co

thePUMPER Bottle Label - available at  www.thePUMPER.co

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April, 2015

DWG International has announced the retirement of the PUMP bottle.  The PUMP was a well known suplement to the DRI WASH 'n GUARD Waterless Car Wash - everyone tends to remember "the waterless car wash the bottle you had to pump up to spray".

We were able to find a distributor that sold us 10 cases (120 bottles) and we sold out of them on April 30th. 

The good news is that DriWash Solutions has been contacted by a previous competitor of DRI WASH 'n GUARD who is now out of business.  They had a large lot of pumpers, made by the same company as the DWG PUMP bottle - only they come with a white base and a white pump cap.  We've purchased this rather large lot of bottle and will be private labeling them "thePUMPER" - available on www.DriWashSolutions.com and www.thePUMPER.co.