Friday, December 07, 2007


Since the launch of the “New Era of DWG” at our International Leadership Conference in January we’ve watched organizations grow with more new Managers and Dealers then ever before in the history of DWG. We contribute this success to our focus of helping Distributors build stronger organizations through the revised Quick Start Manager Program and of course our popular Smart Start Dealer Program. With each of these new Managers and Dealers striving to obtain the highest discount level in our compensation plan, the Director position, we’ve decided to help them achieve their goals even quicker.

Effective December 5th and running through close of business December 31, 2007 all Managers and Dealers, regardless of when they began their business, can upgrade to Director under our exciting new “Upgrade as a Quick Start” promotion. It’s easy, it’s exciting, and it can save you $1,000 or more in retail volume. Here’s how it works:

For the month of December, the Quick Start Manager promotion is only $800 retail at 25% off! That is a savings of $500 compared to the regular $1300 retail price point to become a Manager today.

Also this month, distributors may sponsor new Directors with another aggressive promotion. Become a Quick Start Director with a $2500 retail order at 30% off.

If you’re currently a Manager during the month of December you are able to activate to Director by placing a retail product order directly from the company of $1300 or more all of which is purchased at your current discount level. Contact Distributor Services today and avoid the late month rush. We don’t want you to miss this opportunity to upgrade.

If you’re currently a Dealer or you’re looking to start your new DWG business during the month of December you’re going to want to read this:

Effective December 5, 2007 and running through close of business December 31, 2007 the Quick Start Director Promotion is now only $2,500 of personal retail volume of product all of which is purchased directly from the company at a 30% discount. Again, this is open to all new distributors as well as all current Dealers, regardless of how long they have been in the business. For example, a Dealer sponsored 9 months ago is able to upgrade to Director this month under the new Quick Start Director Promotion by placing a retail product order directly from the company of $2,500 all of which is purchased at a 30% discount. That’s a savings of $1,000 in retail volume. It’s a wonderful way to get to the Director level so that you’re at the maximum discount earning the maximum retail and the maximum wholesale profits in your business. Also, you’re now eligible for generation overrides.

December is Upgrade as a Quick Start Month! Grow your business through this promotion by helping those you’ve already sponsored to understand it and take advantage of the Quick Start Director and Quick Start Manager Promotion this month. Then as you share the product with everyone you meet share the promotion too. Everyone deserves to take advantage and quick start their new business right into success.

Remember, this promotion runs from December 5, 2007 until close of business December 31, 2007. Don’t let a day go by without helping someone take advantage of it. You’ll be helping them grow their business faster while at the same time growing your business too!

Along with all of the savings that this promotion brings, DWG International™ is also making it possible for all new distributors who want to attend the Leadership Conference in January. We are helping new distributors who want to attend the conference by allowing them to register for the conference at the reduced price of $130/person. They must register for the conference within their first 60 days of business to attend at the discounted price.

Bring as many new distributors as you can to the conference with these great prices, and you are going to want to spread the “Upgrade as a Quick Start” promotion throughout your entire organization before it is too late!


John C. Skurka

DriWash Solutions 
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Officially Licensed Sports Gear

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Ithaca, NY 14850
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Looney vs. the Greenback

November 1, 2007: Good news for Our friends up north! DWG has announced lower prices for DRI WASH 'n GUARD users who have the product shipped to Canada:

"As a result of the Canadian Dollar gaining strength, DWG International™ is pleased to announce the lowering in price for products shipped to Canada. Effective November 1, 2007 the prices have been reduced for all Canadian DRI WASH 'n GUARD products!

Please be advised that the cost for DWG International™ to sell and transport products northbound into Canada is significantly higher than business in the USA. In addition to the freight cost, each package sent to a customer in Canada is assessed by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency with a duty, tax, surcharge, brokerage, GST, and QST. In every occurrence, the price DWG International™ charges for shipping and handling does not cover these aforementioned costs, therefore the Canada prices remain slightly greater than US pricing."

If you're a Canadian resident and would like to place an order with the new lower prices, simply visit:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Water Restrictions and a Clean Car

Throughout the southeast, local governments are instituting water restrictions, which limit non-essential use of water. Places like South Western Florida, South Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia, just to name a few, are prohibiting folks from using water to wash their cars at home.

However, this doesn't mean the folks have to drive around in a dirty car: Enter DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash.

Enterprising individuals are getting around the water restrictions by using this waterless car wash in place of the traditional wet wash. An entire wash takes just 20 minutes, and the end result is a finish better than a wet wash, with no water spots, no drying, and no streaking. Dry wash not only cleans, but seals and UV protects as well, and if it does happen to rain, the water will bead on the surface!

For more information and to place your order, stop by DriWash Solutions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dri Wash 'n Guard® Preferred Customer Program

DWG International™ has announced a new "Preferred Customer" program, which is open to all users of DRI WASH 'n GUARD®. A Preferred Customer will receive 15% off ALL* single and case lots of DWG products for life**!

To become a Preferred Customer, all you need to do is purchase a Complete Detail Kit directly from DWG International™ for $111.95 shipped to your door.

The DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Complete Detail Kit contains:

(1) 16 oz. Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD Ultra-Ion™
(1) 16 oz. Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD All Weather Tire Treatment
(1) 16 oz. Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD Leather & Vinyl Treatment
(1) 16 oz. Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment
(1) 12 oz. Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD Premium Metal Polish
(1) 8 oz Bottle of DRI WASH 'n GUARD OxyGone® Paint Restorer
(1) 8 oz Bottle of DWG Polyguard-1™ Oil Treatment
(1) 8oz Pump Bottle for the DRI WASH 'n GUARD Ultra-Ion™
(1) DWG Buffing Towel
(1) Terry Cloth Towel

This is a great deal! To purchase your Complete Detail Kit, and become a DWG Preferred Customer, Click here!

PS: Did I mention the Complete Detail Kit makes a great gift? Buy one as a gift, and save the 15% discount for yourself!

* does not include empty pumpers
** One purchase per year required to maintain PC status.
John Skurka
Distributor of DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) Waterless Car Wash

Friday, August 10, 2007

DWG International Bonus Pool

Solutions Group Distributors:

Did you know that DWG International(TM) gives away FREE MONEY each and every month? The bonus pool is one of the perks of being a Director. Any purchases that you make, distributors you sign up, or any other activity that adds to your PGRV (Personal Group Retail Volume) qualifies you for the Bonus Pool.

This past month, DWG offered a free shipping option on orders over 4 cases. I took advantage of that promotion, and guess what? DWG awarded me 3rd place in the Bonus Pool. That means that my PGRV was the third highest of ALL Directors during the month of July.

What did that get me? It got me a cool $900.00. That's right nine-hundred dollars (that wasn't a typo).

Found out more about the monthly Bonus Pool by visiting the DWG International(TM) site:

Your Upline Sponsor,

John C. Skurka
DriWash Solutions

Friday, July 27, 2007

FW: Upgrade Promo Now Includes S&H Special


A great time to restock your inventory. 50% off shipping on 2 cases, free shipping on 4 or more cases.

More Info:

John C. Skurka
DriWash Solutions

Monday, July 23, 2007

FW: New Weekly Promo From DWG

Solutions Group Team Members:

Now is a great time to make your move. Follow the link below for more info!

DriWash Solutions

Thursday, June 28, 2007

FW: Welcome To DWG

DriWash Solutions Group Team members:
If you're not on DWG's Global E-Mail list, make sure you sign up! 
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Subject: Welcome To DWG

DWG Tools Welcome: )
DWG International™ Distributor Resources March 2007
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  • DWG Distributor

    As a member of the DWG International™ family, you should be aware of the many resources DWG has made available to its Distributors.

    Take a moment to explore the following resources that are available to help you become a successful DWG International™ Distributor.


    Whether you're from the United States or Canada, ordering DWG product online is quick and easy. Keep a supply of product handy wherever you go, whenever you go.

  • Place a order now
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  • is your source for the tools that every DWG distributor needs to begin building a successful organization.

    Start off with everything you need to get started with one of these High Profile Packages:

    Other Tools Include:
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    If you are ready to build your business faster and easier, then order your very own personalized DWG web site today! These sites allow prospects to learn about the business and products 24/7, sign up as a distributor and even order products online. And when this happens, you automatically get the credit.

    The DWG personal web sites are easy to use and can be customized in a few simple steps. You have the ability to add text, choose background music, insert personal photos as well as select from a library of photos to be displayed on your page.

    Plus, here are the latest updates available to new and existing site owners:

  • NEW! Photos on Templates
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    Need More Info....

    Start including your personal web address with all your prospecting efforts today!

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    At DWG, We are always interested in feedback from our Distributors in the field. We have developed this quick survey to help us learn more about you and your business.

    Please help us help you by completing this short survey
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    Thank you for your interest in DWG! We look forward to your success!!

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    Forward email

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    DWG International™ | 8337 W. Sunset Road | #300 | Las Vegas | NV | 89113

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Backoffice Tip

    Solutions Group Team Members:
    First off, I'd like to wish you a happy Memorial Day, and ask that you take a minute to give thanks to those that are serving or have served our country.
    Secondly, I'd like to share a tip with you that was distributed via DWG's Global; E-Mail.  If you've not signed up for Global e-Mail, use this tip to get signed up!


    Since the launch of the DWG BackOffice we have received many great suggestions as how to use it effectively for your business. If you are on VoiceCom you constantly are receiving these tips that are sent to help you greatly enhance your DWG opportunity. However we have also received many calls to distributors services as well as emails asking how to simply log on to the BackOffice. Some distributors have simply forgotten their pin number when asked to enter it. In this particular instance we suggest that you either look on your last invoice for product, contact us directly or call your upline as they should always have a record of those distributors in their organization.

    To log on to the DWG BackOffice simply go to the DWG home page at and then click on the link to the left marked, “Distributor Log In”. This will open up a new box that will contain two smaller boxes asking for specific information. In the first box it asks for simply type in your distributor pin number you were assigned after becoming a DWG distributor. In the second box it asks for PASSWORD and here is where some distributors get confused. When you first signed up as a distributor you were required to either give your social security number, federal tax number (if you signed up as a business) or your social insurance number (if you are from Canada)...and that is the number that you type in where it asks for PASSWORD. You may type it in with or without the dashes that usually accompany that number then click on the word “SUBMIT”. Depending on the speed of your computer you will then gain access to all that great distributor information that so many others are already making great use of.

    John C. Skurka

    DriWash Solutions 
    Vehicle Electronics
    Automotive Tools
    Officially Licensed Sports Gear

    8 Brooktree Lane
    Ithaca, NY 14850
    Voice: (607) 227-0130
    Toll Free: (888) DRI-WASH [ (888) 374-9274 ]
    Efax: (206) 237-6142


    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Spring HAS to be on its way!

    Solutions Group Distributors:
    Well, here in Upstate NY, we just had a spring Nor' Easter come by and drop 14" of snow on us - quite unusual for us to say the least.  I've got to believe that Spring is on it's way! 
    And with spring, comes warm weather, and car washing with DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R)!   What better time to get back into the business than the spring.  I'd like to suggest that you log into the back office of DWG International's website at and click the distributor log in button.  Remember to use your PIN number as your username, and your SS# or (Federal TaxID) as your password.  This site is secure, so there's no need to worry.  
    While you're there, check to see when your distributor fee is due, and keep it paid up (especially Managers and Directors). 
    I'm not sure if you're aware of the price DECREASE of both the Classic and the Ultra-Ion as of January of this year.  Click on the American flag at the top to download the latest price list.
    There's lots of other good information there as well - and while you there, why not pickup some inventory and get ready for Spring!
    As always, let me know if you have any questions!
    Take care and God Bless.

    John C. Skurka

    DriWash Solutions 
    Vehicle Electronics
    Automotive Tools
    Officially Licensed Sports Gear

    8 Brooktree Lane
    Ithaca, NY 14850
    Voice: (607) 227-0130
    Toll Free: (888) DRI-WASH [ (888) 374-9274 ]
    Efax: (206) 237-6142


    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    DriWash Solutions is Thinking Spring!

    Dear DriWash Solutions Customer:

    Here in Upstate New York, warm weather is on it's way, and soon the snow will be completely gone! Spring is on it's way!

    With spring comes spring cleaning, and if you live in an area where old man winter takes hold, it's time to think about cleaning that vehicle after that winter mess. So, I'd like to welcome you to visit DriWash Solutions and have a look around for all of your DRI WASH 'n GUARD needs.

    This past January, DWG International has actually LOWERED prices on the DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) Ultra-Ion(TM) and Classic as well. In conjunction with the lower prices, a new 32oz Ultra-Ion Refill is also now available, and a very reasonable cost: $29.66! Need more than 32oz? The 64oz Ultra-Ion(tm) is now only $56.66! Still like the Classic? 32oz Classic just $35.06 with a pumper!

    I have a excellent supply of all DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) products, ready to ship to your door, and as always, all of our prices are 10% off suggested retail price. Why pay more! Visit and click on the Order On-Line link.

    Any questions? Just reply to this message and I'll do my best to get you an answer.

    Thanks for your past patronage.

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    Distributor Upgrade Specials

    Solutions Group Team Members:

    I'm at the DWG International(tm) Leadership conference in Las Vegas, where they have announced a special for existing DEALER level distributors to upgrade to either Manager or Director.  This promotion only lasts Until close of business on Tuesday 30th).

    The special is as follows:
    Upgrade from DEALER to MANAGER for a $750 Retail value order.  This is purchased at the 25% discount.  Shipping for this order is 50% of the normal shipping price. 
    So this will cost you out of pocket $562.50 plus 50% of shipping costs.

    Upgrade from DEALER to DIRECTOR for a $2000 Retail value order.  This is purchased at the 30% discount.  Shipping on this upgrade is FREE!  Out of pocket cost is $1400.00 flat.

    DWG also announced new lower pricing on all of the Waterless Car Wash Products (Classic and Ultra-Ion(tm)).  This means you now get more product for your money, and also makes the product easier to sell.  For instance, Ultra-Ion(tm) is now retailed at 21.95 for a 16oz bottle, and Classic is at $38.95.

    And you still get my guarantee as well, so you will never be stuck with a bunch of product that you can't sell.  Because at any time, I'll by it back from you at my cost.

    If you want to upgrade, e-mail me or call me at (888)DRI-WASH.  I'll place the order for you while I'm here - offer ends at 5:00pm PST on Tuesday.
    Hope to hear from you!