Tuesday, May 26, 2015

thePUMPER Airosol Pump Bottle - Exclusively from DriWash Solutions!


As mentioned in a earlier post, We've acquired a large quantity of Airosol Pump bottles that were in storage for several years.  These bottles are produced by the same manufacturer as the original DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) pump, the only difference being the color:  As shown below, thePUMPER has a white cap and base, and is labeled by DriWash Solutions.  The all other parts are identical, as is the spray pattern.  The are available with the 32oz Classic, Ultra-Ion, and as a Two Car Bundle with a 64oz Classic.  All these can be found on www.driwashsolutions.com.  If you want to purchase the thePUMPER by itself - go to www.thePUMPER.co where you can buy as many as you want, and pay a flat rate of $5.05 for USPS shipping.

thePUMPER from www.thePUMPER.co

thePUMPER Bottle Label - available at  www.thePUMPER.co